Best Indian Fashion Magazines

Fashion Magazines helps you to select a perfect thing according to the trend. If you want to look like a celebrity then you must follow these magazines as it covers the lives of celebrities or stars. The main feature of the magazines is that it tells what to wear, eat and tells about your favorite celebrities. By reading magazines, you enjoy colorful graphics, information and many more.

Magazines are the only source after the Internet from where you can get help related to fashion, clothing styles, make-up, hair-styling, health care and much more. Most of the Indian girls still prefer magazine as it tells you about the latest trend and updates. So you don’t need to waste your time on the internet by finding the latest fashion. Just purchase any of the best fashion magazines and get updated. Most famous magazines include Vogue, Savvy, Femina, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazar and many more.

The best Indian Fashion Magazines are given below:

  1. Vogue India

Vogue is a foreign owned magazine which was launched on 20th September 2007. It is one of the top fashion and style magazines. So when you talk about the best Indian Fashion Magazines, the first name that comes in your mind is ‘Vogue’. Every woman or girl wants to look perfect and stunning. If you want to look like a star then you should follow these magazines. Vogue focuses on latest trends, accessories, fashion & style, skin-care, health-care and many more. This is the perfect place for women where they get different tips related to fashion.

  1. Femina

Femina is an Indian fashion magazine, launched on 16th July 1959. Do you want to look like Nargis Fakhri? This magazine would be the perfect choice. Femina covers skin-care tips, health, beauty tips, new trends, new fashion and fitness. Here is the complete guide to staying healthy and fit. Femina is one of the best fashion magazines. It gives you weekly and monthly updates. It will help you in choosing the best makeup product, skin care products and much more.

  1. Savvy

Savvy is an Indian fashion magazine which was published in 1984. This magazine gained popularity within a few years and became one of the top fashion magazines. Here, it will guide you on how to become a perfect woman? Fashion tips, styles and other guides. So if you want to up-to-date with fashion and trend then buy Savvy magazine. It will help you to become like a celebrity and copy her lifestyle. You can also download it soft copy from the internet. So if you are interested and want to look like a star then purchase Savvy magazine.

  1. Harper’s Bazar

Harper’s Bazar is an American magazine which was published in 1867. This magazine focuses on daily lifestyle, trends, photography, artists, designers, writers, makeup and much more. So don’t get confused about your dressing. These magazines have made our lives simple and easy. It’s a dream of every woman to look adorable and charming.

  1. Marie Claire

Marie Claire is an International Fashion Magazine, published in different languages including Belgium, U.S, England, Australia, India, China, France, etc. this magazine covers latest fashion trends and styles, celebrity styles and tips. So if you want to look like Sonakshi Sinha then you should purchase this fashion magazine. It includes all the tips related to your skin, health and makeup. Digital copy is also available in the market. So if you are interested in purchasing this magazine then don’t waste your time. It’s a perfect place where you will get updates according to the latest fashion and trends.

  1. New Woman

New Woman is one of the top Fashion magazines in India. It gives you updates related to health, entertainment, latest fashion styles and trend. New Woman is so colorful. It contains pictures in front of every paragraph. You will enjoy reading it. It is an informative magazine. It gives skin care and health tips, like what to eat?  New Woman is the best choice for those people who want information related to makeup products, skin, latest fashion and trend.

  1. Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan is an American Magazine, published in 1886. It is one of the top magazines in India. This magazine focuses on health tips, fashion, celebrities, clothing, makeup, skin-care, hair-styling and careers. This magazine had made the place in the hearts of people and gained popularity because of its mind-blowing features.

  1. Woman’s Era

Woman’s Era is an Indian Magazine which was published in 1973. This magazine covers the aspects of women’s life which include fashion, styling, clothing, health tips, stories, cooking, articles, poetry, entertainment and many more. Woman’s Era is one of the best fashion magazines in India. It’s a great choice for girls to look like a celebrity. So the dream of every woman will come true and she can also become like a star.

  1. Elle

Elle is an Indian Fashion Magazine which was published in 1996. It includes fashion, trends, health and entertainment. It is one of the best and top-selling magazines. It gives you updates related to the latest fashion and trends. The Electronic version of this magazine is also available on the internet. It requires subscription charges.

  1. Verve

Verve is an Indian woman fashion magazine which was published in 1995. It includes Bollywood & International fashion styles, photography, celebrities and latest trends. If you want to follow ‘Diana Penty’, one of the top models in India then you should buy this magazine.

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