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Canada’s Most Liked and Read Popular Magazines Introduction

You ever wondered where the word ‘magazine’ was derived from. Well, it was originated in Arabic language and was known by the term ‘makhazim’ which actually meant ‘the storehouse’ or in modern language you can call it a ‘warehouse’.

We can describe the term to you as:

“A collection of writing and image content to describe stories and give to advertisements; along with a paper cover; to be published and distributed with the public as a regular practice within pre decided intervals of time that can be: daily or weekly or monthly too.”

Magazines have a rich and famous history and they are also considered as the monopolists as per their background and presence in the history. There was a time when no internet of smart handy gadgets were in trend. Only magazines were a source of entertainment for the people and it help them create their link with the outside world.

Over the time and historical evolution, the magazines and print media industry have flourished and upgraded. They offer a great deal of content which comes with a higher accuracy rate and even higher entertainment rate as well. The trends have changes and these magazines can also be accessed online via internet where the e-magazine copies are available on their websites or public portals.

In this age of internet and smartphones, some people have predicted the death of the magazines but the prediction was wrong. There is still the printing of magazines on a larger scale all around the world no matter how much the use of the internet increased. Yes, it is acceptable the number is decreased but still, some people read magazines. The evolution of smartphones cannot surpass the beauty of paper in hand. The printing of magazines cannot be stopped.


Magazines have great importance in our daily day life. Magazines tell us about our lives, it tells us what to wear, what to eat, tells us about our favorite celebrities and about what is happening all around the world daily. Moreover, magazines give us the pleasure of reading in today’s age where reading habits are reduced to a larger extent. People still enjoy reading magazines, admire their colorful pages and news in them

Popular Magazines in Canada:

  • What’s cooking?
  • Reader’s digest.
  • Chatelaine
  • Canadian Living
  • Maclean’s

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