Children’s Magazines – Kids Magazines

Children’s Magazines - Kids Magazines

Children’s Magazines – Kids Magazines

Children’s Magazines – Kids Magazines are published for children so that they can read them and get entertained. Magazines contain different types of puzzles, games and crafts. Today is the world of technology. Every child is stuck to the mobiles and laptops. They do not want to read something.

Using too much laptop is not good for eye-sight. So these magazines are designed for children to spend their free time on them. These magazines are informative and give different information related to the world. In this article, I will mention children’s magazines. The List of Children’s Magazines is given below:

  • Children’s Magazines

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty is an American Magazine which includes poems, short stories, articles, games, cartoons, recipes and crafts. This magazine is best for ages from 2 to 6. It is specially designed for small children to spend most of their time on reading.

Lady Bug

Lady Bug Magazine includes poems and stories for small children. These stories are so interesting and entertaining. It involves reading so your child’s reading may also be improved. It consists of pictures in front of every paragraph.


Zootles is one of the best Children’s Magazines. This magazine has a great focus on wildlife. It includes wonderful photos, captivating graphics and adorable cartoon characters. If your child love animals then you must purchase this magazine.


This magazine includes stories, puzzles, jokes, activities, drawings and many more. It is very interesting and makes your child feel happy. Your child will stay busy all day and will not disturb you. He/she will discover his/her things.

Thomas and Friends

Thomas and Friends’ is an American Magazine, best for 2-7 years children. In this magazine, your child will learn many things including mathematics problem, reading and science. You child will get great knowledge from this magazine.

God’s Big World

God’s Big World Magazine was released in 2014. It is specially designed for a small kid to explore God’s creation. It’s a colorful magazine which includes puzzles and many interesting activities. You can also purchase this Magazine online or download its soft copy.

Baby bug Magazine

The Baby bug is an American Magazine, best for toddlers and small kids. It includes short stories, poems, music, puzzles, colorful drawings, folk takes and many more. It will improve your child’s literature and reading.

  • Magazines for Middle School


Spider is the famous Children’s Magazine which includes stories, activities, drawing and many more. This magazine will engage your children in reading. It is the best colorful magazine. If you need to download this magazine in a soft copy then you can easily download it on your tablets or mobiles.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids include wonderful wildlife photos, amazing drawings and brilliant cartoon characters. If your child love animals then you must purchase this magazine. This magazine is informative.

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill’ is specially designed to glimmer your child’s interest. It includes articles, short stories, games and interesting activities. Reading Jack and Jill will make your child happy and cheerful. You can also download this magazine from the internet.

Storytime Magazine

This magazine comes with wonderful stories for boys and girls. Storytime is one of the best reading magazines. So if you want your child will improve his/her literacy then you must purchase this magazine. So read this magazine daily to improve reading skills.

Discovery Girls

Discovery Girls is one of the best magazines for girls. It gives guidance, motivation and innovation. This magazine includes fashion, quizzes, competitions and many more. It was published by Catherine Lee in 2000. In this magazine, there is a huge list of fashion tips for girls, what to wear? How to choose the best brand? Etc.

Brain Space Magazine

Brain space is an American Magazine, founded in 2003. Kids will love this magazine as it involves space, Earth, Sciences, History, Fiction, Biology, Mathematics, Nature, Technology and many more! Brain Space is one of the best Educational Magazines. You will get information from this magazine. This magazine is a little bit expensive, not everyone can afford. You can also purchase Brain Space Magazine online.

  • Magazines for High School

Creative Kids

Creative kids’ is the best magazine for children (8-16 years). It includes poetry, creative content, crafts, book reviews, Author reviews, essays and science. Reading this magazine will make you mind creative as it gives inspiration and encouragement. You don’t need to waste your time on social media. Just purchase this magazine and have fun!

World Teen

World Teen Magazine is designed to nourish your child’s faith and confidence. It is very cheap. Reading this magazine will improve literacy and makes you more confident. All the stories lies on reality. You will love them. So if you want to get rid of the fake world like fantasy stories then you should read this magazine.


Make is an American Magazine which was published in 2005. It involves electronics, robotics, woodworking, metals and many more! This magazine is best for boys. You can also download its soft copy from the internet. As it is your learning age, so don’t waste your time on social media and give time to reading. It will improve your reading and speaking skills. If you are sincere with yourself then don’t spoil your life.

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