India’s Most Liked and Read Popular Magazines

India’s Most Liked and Read Popular Magazines

India’s Most Liked and Read Popular Magazines Introduction

The term magazine has been taken from the Arabic dictionary and the word to be exact was ‘makhazim’ which actually means ‘the storehouse’.There are many India’s Most Liked and Read Popular Magazines.

We can describe the term ‘magazine’ to you as:

“A collection of writing and image content to describe stories and give to advertisements; along with a paper cover; to be published and distributed with the public as a regular practice within pre decided intervals of time that can be: daily or weekly or monthly too.”

Evolution of Magazines over Time

Over the time and historical evolution, the magazines and print media industry have flourished and upgraded. They offer a great deal of content which comes with a higher accuracy rate and even higher entertainment rate as well. The trends have changes and these magazines can also be accessed online via internet where the e-magazine copies are available on their websites or public portals.

Current Demand for Magazines

There is still a large number of fan following for magazines and the printing or publishing for such magazines has gotten vigorous. Even the internet has increased the follower ship for the magazines and the readers are widely fascinated by the idea of e-magazines that comes within their gadgets and handy smartphones.

In fact, there are people still existing in a large amount of number who prefer reading the magazines page by page. They love the feel of paper to be in their hands and for such precious ones, how would one think to stop the magazines’ printing at all?

Problems Faced by Magazine Industry

Magazine industry enjoyed a boom right away as it was launched and operational. However, soon as the time passed, it faced a number of problems as it involves two major functions of publishing and commuting.

Whole magazine industry is based on the print media and due to the higher rates of printing, the costs raised very early and it became difficult to print a large number of copies for the magazines. Also, the delivery of these magazines was another major challenge to the industry as a whole.

Timely delivery and commuting of these magazine depends upon the efficiency of the transportation and logistics networks.

It was not easy to deliver the exact demanded magazine to each and every nook and corner if the country. Therefore, a large number of market was being compromised.

Importance of Magazines for Our Lives

Different business magazines here are to help us in knowing latest trends of the industry and the market. Similarly, famous fashion and entertainment magazines tell us what to wear, how to carry ourselves and also what is the latest happening in the entertainment industry respectively. In short, we are being aware about the whole world on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Well Known and Most Read Magazines from India

India carries an enormous market who crave largely for entertainment and drama in their lives. The people in this region stick to their television sets and watch almost everything just for entertainment. Similarly, they would register for each and every telehka and mirchi news so that they can stay updated on the things going on. Some of the major magazines from India are:

  1. India Today.
  2. Film Fare.
  3. The Week.
  4. General Knowledge Today.
  5. Business Today.

1.      India Today

A famous English language magazine from India is India Today and it was launched in 2014. It is a news a news magazine, being circulated all over the urban region of India with a readership of more than 8 million people now.

The magazine was published under the Living Media India Limited label and it is circulated on weekly basis. The founding editor for the magazine in Madhu Trehan and the editor in chief is Aroon Purie. It is the most popular and hot in demand magazine when it comes to the news and updates on happenings around the world.

2.      General Knowledge Today India’s Most Liked and Read Popular Magazine

General Knowledge Today is another famous magazine of India as per the readership and the buying rate from the consumers or readers. Unfortunately, the society in India believes in the trend of high scoring to be a measure for calculating one’s intelligence. Also, the magazine General Knowledge Today carries immense knowledge on the general topics these days.

Only thus, the purchase rate of this magazine is very high because students and professionals applying for colleges or for going into any aptitude tests prepare from the magazine’s content. Therefore, the magazine is of very high importance because it leaves hardly any area for the students to cover.

3.      Filmfare Today India’s Most Liked and Read Popular Magazine

The Filmfare magazine is one of the most selling and most loved entertainment magazine of India. It covers the latest fashion trends and the news regarding the Bollywood or the Hindi cinema industry. It is considered as an elite magazine however every other upper middle class household purchases it as the Indians are considered hungry freaks for the entertainment who crave some masala and taste in almost everything.

India’s largest media conglomerate in the history was the world famous, Times Group. Filmfare was founded back in 1952 and was published under the label of Worldwide Media which is a subsidiary of the Times Group. The editor in chief for the magazine is Jitesh Pillai and the magazine is being circulated in two languages which is Hindi and English.

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