Magazines Suggested for CSS Exams

Magazines not only help you in fashion and styles but also in your education. There is a great advantage of reading the educational magazine as it gives you information and details. You can also prepare for your exams from these magazines. It’s a great platform where you get prepared and would be able to appear in the exam. It will guide you and make you more confident.

If you a CSS student and want to prepare for CSS exams then these magazines are the best choice. It’s a great advantage if you prepare for CSS exams from these magazines. As the magazine provides latest updates. The magazine that is suggested for CSS exams includes Contemporary Affairs, Defense Journal, and The Economist, Foreign Affairs, Time Magazine and many others.

Here is the list of the best magazines recommended by the experts is given below:

  1. Defense Journal

Defense Journal is a Pakistani magazine that is best for preparing CSS exams. The Defense is related to armed forces. The responsibility of armed forces is to protect the country. In this magazine, you will learn about defense. It includes Military, Self-defense and National Security. So if you are preparing for CSS exams then you must need to go through this magazine. It’s very helpful for the students while preparing for CSS. Defense Journal is a reliable source of information related to current developments, articles, reviews, reports and short communications. To prepare for CSS, you just need to purchase this magazine. The price of the single issue is Rs.800.

  1. The Economist

The Economist is an English magazine which was published in 1843. In this magazine, you will get information related to finance, business, politics, International news, technology and economy. This magazine is not free. You have to pay for it. This is also another important magazine that you need while preparing for CSS exams. To achieve any goal in life, you just need to work hard. Without hard work, you will not get success in your life. CSS exams are not as easy as you think. It is really difficult for a one to pass the CSS exam. Before appearing in the exam, you need to prepare yourself according to CSS syllabus. The Economist is the best guide when you want to study politics and finance. The price of the single issue is Rs.900.

  1. Time Magazine

Time Magazine is an American magazine written by Simon Robinson in 2008. In this magazine, you will get complete information related to Benazir Bhutto’s death. She was the savior of Pakistan but could not survive. You need to know about Benazir Bhutto and her career in politics. Like how she joined politics? What was the purpose of joining politics? In this magazine, all the details are given. So it is really important for a CSS student to learn about politics. Time Magazine would be very helpful when you are going to prepare for CSS exams. The price of single issue is Rs.450.



  1. Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs is an American Magazine which was published in 1922. In this magazine, you will get to know about the International Relations between different countries. It includes relations with Russia, Europe, North and South Korea. Here, you will get information related to Politics and Society, Environment, Law & Institutions, Security, Economics and Foreign Policy. You must know about Foreign Affair and relations between different countries of the world. So, if you are a CSS student then this magazine would be a perfect choice. The price of the single issue is Rs.1995.

  1. Contemporary Affairs

Contemporary Affairs is a Pakistani Magazine published by Imtiaz Shahid. In this Magazine, you will get to know about International Terrorism and its impact on Pakistan’s security. You must know about present-time and International Affairs. If are serious in giving CSS exam then you should cover all these magazines. You must go through all these magazines once. It will improve your thinking ability and your creative skills. Different unique ideas comes to your mind. The price of the single issue is Rs.600.

  1. ISSI Quarterly

ISSI Quarterly Magazine which was published in 2001. It is one of the best educational magazines. It includes information related to defense, security and Foreign Policy. The price of the single issue is Rs.700. it is very helpful for a CSS student. As a CSS student, you should purchase this magazine and read it thoroughly.

  1. News Line

News Line is a Pakistani Magazine published in 1996. It includes The Great Gamble, The war within, The New Frontier, The Mystery Thickens, Terror in Miramshah, Hope & Hurdles, The Fruits of Appeasement, The Business of Crime, Woman in the electronic media, Accord and Discord, Soldiers of Fortune, The New World Disorder and many more. The price of the single issue is Rs.450.

  1. Press Review

Press Review is a Pakistani Magazine which was published in 2007. It includes current affairs, technology and much more. It’s a great source of information from where you will get huge knowledge of current affairs. This magazine is recommended by the experts so you should read it. It will help you a lot during your CSS exams. So don’t think and purchase this magazine. The price of the single issue is Rs.150.


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