Popular Entertainment Magazines All Around the World

Popular Entertainment Magazines All Around the World

Popular Entertainment Magazines All Around the World

So You Can Get To Know What To Read For Some Crazy Popular Entertainment Magazines All Around the World!


Entertainment industry is one of the most revenue generating and amazement giving industry all around the world. The people all over the world are tired of their monotonous work lives and all they need is a lot more entertainment to read and watch so they can get their worries sorted and sleep with peace.

‘Entertainment is necessary’, this is what we get to hear more often in our lives. We at different levels, have been wondering how and why is the Entertainment necessary? We would recommend you to look up the stats and economics of entertainment industry as it earns a great deal of revenue throughout the world.

You will be left in shock that as per the 2019 stats, we have got to know that Media and Entertainment industry of United States only has a net worth of billions and it bags the revenue of more than 900 Billion US dollars.

Popular Entertainment Magazines All Around the World

Magazines are a type of newspaper book that combines a wide range of articles on different topics usually on one aspect of the industry. If more specifically defined:

Magazines are the electronically printed copies of the timely or periodic publications which carries textual and image based content for information or entertainment purposes.

These magazines are available digitally and online on different sites which are available on free or paid subscriptions. From the whole world, readers read the articles on these magazines and get entertained.

Top Magazines in the world as per Popularity

There are a large number of magazines in the world being published on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. People all around the world are also crazy about the magazines and the articles to read. They enjoy the comics described in detail in them.

They enjoy the fashion articles to see what the latest designs are in trend. Readers from behind their screens love to read about the latest trends in industrial business, marketing, and about the latest technological advancements within the world going on in the going on current era. There is a range of sectors that the magazines are on. However, entertainment magazines are sold widely every where because people love them.

We will be giving you an idea about the top magazines about the entertainment industry according to the readerships so you can choose what you should be reading too:

1.      Television Guide or TV Guide

The official site for the magazine I am describing you is www.tvguidemagazine.com so you can see the magazine’s official website and see for yourself about the kind of entertainment they are giving. The magazine contains a list of articles on various TV shows being aired on the television channels. The magazine’s service is bi-weekly which means it is published twice week.

The company is NTVB for the magazine and the founder is Lee Wagner. The magazine’s company is based in United States of America. It was first issued so long ago which is quite back in the year 1953 on the date April 3rd. the magazine is loved all over the country as it gives the listings of the television shows and ratings about what show is on which number and what should be watched too. Also, it rates the actors as per their work on a lot of factors.

2.      The Hollywood Reporter

The magazine’s official site is www.thehollywoodreporter.com so you can see on the magazine’s official website about the kind of entertainment they are giving yourself and this is how you will get the exact idea. It is an America based magazine to give you top news about the Hollywood life.

  1. Which movie is being released soon?
  2. Which movie was the top ranking as per the box office?
  3. What the famous artists up to?
  4. Who is going vacations and where and why?
  5. What is the latest ranking and net value of whom?

And a lot of other entertainment topics relating the Hollywood are discussed in the Hollywood reporter magazine.

The publisher in Lynn Segall and the founder was William R. Wilkerson. The magazine’s company in Prometheus Global Media and it was first issued back in the year 1930 on September 3rd which is really long time ago, no? Mathew Belloni is the editorial director appointed for the magazine and believe us, he is doing some great work there.

3.      The New Yorker

The New Yorker Magazine also has its official website which is www.newyorker.com/magazine which will give you all the details to the latest entertainment going on in New York. The first date for the magazine’s issuance was too much back in the year 1925 and the date was February 21st. it is usually published weekly and about 47 magazines per year are circulated.

The editing director of this magazine appointed is David Remnick and the magazine carries the criticism articles along with poems, commentary, poetry, fiction based topics and essays. Also, a lot of content by the journalism is also published. Basically the magazine carries entertainment news.


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