Popular Interesting Magazines of USA

Popular Interesting Magazines of USA

Popular Interesting Magazines of USA Introduction:

Magazines are actually of different types. Different people read them according to their taste and choice. For example, if anyone wants to read news detail he will prefer magazines like Times and The Economist. Similarly, if someone wants to read about sports will prefer The Popular Interesting Magazines of USA and Sports illustrated.

Those who want to read sports news will read People and Entertainment magazine. Those who want to read fashion magazines will prefer Glamour and cosmopolitan magazine. If anyone wants to know how to make his health better he should read Men’s Health and Shape.

Magazines have become a very important part of our lives. Although it is the age of the internet and cell phones still people like to read magazines as well. Magazines are the greater source of information on various topics starting from news to entertainment.

Popular Interesting Magazines of USA:

Here are a few top-rated magazines in the USA which are based on different topics:

  • Woman’s Day Popular Interesting Magazines of USA:

Woman’s Day is a monthly magazine. It is an American women’s magazine. It is based in New York. It was the publication of Hearst Magazines. The first copy of this magazine was published on 7th October 1937. This magazine contains articles about fashion, food, housekeeping, fitness, and many other topics.

Famous editors of this magazine were Mabel Hill Souvaine, Eileen Tighe, Geraldine Rhoads, Ellen Levine, Jane Chesnutt, and Elizabeth Mayhew. Al these writers are considered as the most famous editors.

  • People Popular Interesting Magazines of USA:

People Magazine is a weekly magazine. It is the publication of Time Warner. The first copy of People Magazine was issued on the date of 4th March 1974. It is based on human interests. It has a record of having a higher number of readership by people.

It is the only magazine with such great number of adult readership of almost 46.6 million till now. It also covers many issues by its articles these issues are The Best Dresses people, The most beautiful people and many more.

  • Family Circle Popular Interesting Magazines of USA:

The family circle is mainly a women’s magazine. It was firstly published in 1932. It covers 15 main issues in articles every year. Articles in these magazines mostly cover women’s interest. The main publisher of this article is Meredith Corporation.

  • National Geographic:

National Geographic is a monthly magazine. It is the publication of Geographic society based in Washington DC. The first copy was published in October 1888. Article in this magazine covers topics based on culture, current news, National geography, history, and photography. This magazine has won an award for Best Magazine of the Year.

  • Good Housekeeping:

Good Housekeeping is a monthly magazine. The publication of the magazine was done by Hearst Magazine. Magazine covers the topics of women’s interests. It also covers topics including literature, health, diet, and fashion.

  • Reader’s Digest:

Readers Digest is a monthly magazine that covers the topics of political and many social issues. It is also called as the family magazine.  For many years it was the best selling magazine but it lost its position after the arrival of another magazine named the Better Homes and Gardens.

But still, the magazine was having a huge impact on readers. It was first published in 1922. It was based in New York City. This magazine was published in audio and video forms as well.

  • Better Homes and Gardens:

Better Homes and Gardens is the monthly magazine. It is considered the best selling magazine in the USA. It was published by Meredith Corporation. The first copy of the magazine was published in 1922. It generally featured articles about interior and designs of home with huge elaboration.

It covers all the topics including cooking, gardening, handcrafts, healthy lifestyles, entertainment, and decoration. These magazines mainly cover the interests of women.

  • Game Informer:

The game informer is the monthly magazine. It is the publication of a Game stop corporation. The first copy of this magazine was published in August 1991. It mainly publishes news and other articles. It also publish reviews and tips and contains the recommendation on different video games and other associated topics. There is also a website of this magazine that also publishes these articles and reviews online for readers.

  • The Costco Connection:

This magazine was created for only the members of the warehouse club Costco Corporation. It was established in 1983 and then after five years, the magazine was published.

  • AARP The Magazine:

AARP stands for American Association for Retired Persons. It was formed in 1958. The main purpose of the organization was to improve the standard of life of people who were of the age above 50. Members of the organization are given special benefits. It started publishing AARP magazine which formerly known as the Modern Maturity. The copy of this magazine is published one time in two months. It has outstanding distribution among the readers.

  • Time Magazine:

Time is an American weekly magazine. It is a news magazine. It is based in New York. It was started in 1923. The original runner of this magazine was Henry Luce. It consists of the detailed articles on the news which cannot be covered in such detail in the newspaper. It covers every aspect of news in the article.

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