The Wold of Magazines – Best Magazines

The Wold of Magazines - Best Magazines

The Wold of Magazines – Best Magazines Introduction:

The word magazines were originated from an Arabic word makhazin which means storehouse. A magazine can be defined as “writing with a paper cover which is made public regularly commonly every week or every month. A magazine contains stories, photos, and advertisements”. The Wold of Magazines – Best Magazines is a collection of content in one bundle.

A magazine usually appears on Sunday. Before the arrival of the internet and smartphones, magazines were famous all around the world. People used to wait for the publication of magazines to read them. With time, the quality and the content of magazines has changed a lot. Magazines are now usually distributed by mail, bookstores, and other dealers. Magazines are now also available online.

In this age of internet and smartphones, some people have predicted the death of the magazines but the prediction was wrong. There is still the printing of magazines on a larger scale all around the world no matter how much the use of the internet increased.

Yes, it is acceptable the number is decreased but still, some people read magazines. The evolution of smartphones cannot surpass the beauty of paper in hand. The printing of magazines cannot be stopped.

The Wold of Magazines – Best Magazines Importance:

Magazines have great importance in our daily day life. The Wold of Magazines – Best Magazines tell us about our lives, it tells us what to wear, what to eat, tells us about our favorite celebrities and about what is happening all around the world daily. Moreover, magazines give us the pleasure of reading in today’s age where reading habits are reduced to a larger extent. People still enjoy reading magazines, admire their colorful pages and news in them

History of The Wold of Magazines – Best Magazines:

The first-ever publication of any magazine was a German magazine which was published in 1663. The main topics of the wold of magazine – best magazine were literature and philosophy. It covered a scholarly audience. It only covered one topic and was written by only one author. After that, another magazine was published in 1672.

This magazine covered more than one topic which includes court events, literature, and theater. Then first even women magazine named as “Ladies Mercury” was published in 1693. Then another magazine was founded in 1731 and that magazine was named as “The Gentlemen’s Magazine”. Firstly the name magazine was given to “The Gentlemen’s magazine. Then this concept was copied by Europe and they called it as periodicals because they publish them weekly or monthly.

Magazines saw huge success after it was started yet it has also faced many problems such as the cost for printing magazines were high, more copies could not be printed due to cost and magazines could not be distributed to a wider audience because it was difficult to move a greater number of magazines to large distances.

Progress of Magazines:

The 20th century has proved good for magazines. Many famous magazines have stated in this era. William Randolph Hearst who was the owner of many newspapers in America has expanded his business by starting publications of magazines his famous magazines were Good Housekeeping, National Geographic, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Another set of magazines got famous by other publishers which were Conde Nast’s Vogue, Vanity Fair and world’s famous magazine Times by Henry Luce which is considered as the most persuasive journalist of all times. Some other well-known magazines are Life, Sports Illustrated and money.

Expansion of Magazines:

In Germany legendary magazine named Twen was released which was youth-oriented. It consists of amorous photos and articles. The main purpose of this magazine was to target a younger audience and the editors succeeded in this purpose. In the seventies, a new kind of magazine which is a celebrity magazine was started.

The first edition of people was published in 1974. At that time the first women magazine named Cosmopolitan. On the other hand, another category of magazines was fashion magazines. The most famous magazines in this category were Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. After that few other magazines of this category were Vanity Fair.

Some magazines got famous but soon they shut down some of them are the most famous British magazine’s named Face and Arena they shut down in the 2000s.

Distribution of The Wold of Magazines – Best Magazines:

Distribution of magazines can be divided into three main categories:

  1. Paid distribution
  2. Non Paid distribution
  3. Controlled distribution
  • Paid Distribution:

Paid distribution is defined as the category of magazines which are sold to reader against certain price set by the publishers. They can pay for the magazines and then magazines are sent to them on a monthly or weekly basis by post orders.

  • Non-Paid Distribution:

Non Paid distribution is defined as the category of the magazine which has no cover price to get them. They are distributed to the public either on streets or in airlines or with other products and writings. The price is only of the number of pieces issued not how many people read it.

  • Controlled Distribution:

Controlled distributions are defined as industry-based periodicals. They are particularly defined for certain categories of readers. They are often set for certain qualified readers, mostly for free of cost.

World’s Most Popular Magazines:

The most popular magazines in different countries are:

Popular Magazines of the United States of America:

The most popular magazines in the United States of America are:

  • AARP The Magazine.
  • AARP the Bulletin.
  • Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Costco connections.
  • Game Informer.

Popular Magazines of the United Kingdom:

  • The National Trust Magazine.
  • Asda Magazine.
  • Tesco Magazine.
  • TV choice.
  • Morrison’s Magazine.

Popular Magazines in Canada:

  • What’s cooking?
  • Reader’s digest.
  • Chatelaine
  • Canadian Living
  • Maclean’s

Popular Magazines in Australia:

  • The Australian Women Weekly.
  • Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Women’s Day.
  • New Idea.
  • That’s Life.

Popular Magazines of India:

  • India Today.
  • Film fare.
  • The week.
  • The illustrated weekly of India.
  • Business today.

Popular Magazines of Pakistan:

  • Dawn
  • Pakistan and Gulf Economist.
  • Family Magazine.
  • Akhbar e jahan
  • Pakistan textile Journal.

Types of Magazines:

Since magazines are called periodicals they are published according to a certain schedule set by the publishers. They may follow a certain topic containing several articles written on them. There are various types in which magazines are published some of the main types are:

  • News Magazines:

A news magazine is a type of magazine that covers current affairs or events accruing in the world in the world in more detail as compared to newspapers. It contains articles in detail as compared to other mediums such as newspapers. Examples of news magazines are Time, The New Yorker, News week and India Today.

  • Humor Magazines:

A humor magazine is a type of magazine that carries funny content for the readers. It contains humorous stories for readers to read. Some examples of humorous magazines are Mad, Punch, National Lampoon, The Yale Record, The yellow Journal and many more.

  • Religious Magazines:

A religious magazine is an example of magazines that carries articles on brief histories of religions. It also covers revolutions of different religions and information of different religions. All these things come under religious magazines. Some examples of religious magazines are Bible reflections, The Watchtower and the Christian Century.

  • Fashion Magazines:

A fashion magazine is a type of magazine that is related to fashion. A fashion magazine contains articles that are related to new trends, styles, clothes and different accessories. The most famous fashion magazines are Fashion, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Teen Vogue and Women’s Wear Daily.

  • Shelter Magazines:

A shelter magazine is the type of magazine in which the main focus is on home design and architecture. There are many articles in the shelter magazine about making your home interior good and presentable in many ways. Some famous shelter magazines are Architectural Digest, Better Homes, and Gardens, Country Life in America, Country Living, The Craftsman and Desert Magazine.

  • Music Magazines:

Music Magazine is the type of magazine that includes news about music, different interviews of artists, and photoshoot of artists, concert reviews and many other articles. Famous music magazines are BBC Music Magazine, Rolling stones, Computer Music, Classical Music, and many other such magazines.

  • Entertainment Magazines:

An entertainment magazine is the type of magazine that covers all the articles about film, TV, music, theaters and popular cultures of the world. Famous entertainment magazines are US Weekly, Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter and many more such magazines which provide information about the entertainment industry.

  • Luxury Magazines:

The luxury magazine is the type of magazine which provides articles on luxurious lifestyle or things. IT includes articles on a sports car, luxurious homes, jewelry, private jets, etc. It generally focuses on luxury lifestyles. Some examples of luxury magazines are Robb Report, Aspen Magazines, Lusso and San Francisco.

  • In-flight Magazines:

In-flight magazine is the type of magazine which generally distributed by airlines on the seat of the plane to the passenger to read during flight so that passenger may not get bored while traveling. These magazines are free of cost. Some examples of in-flight magazines are Air Canada: en route, Westjet, Volaris, American Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Air France.

  • Horror Fiction Magazine:

Horror Fiction magazine is generally that magazines which publish horror stories the main purpose of this magazine is to entertain the reader by frightening stories. These types of magazines are generally liked by the young reader. They purchase it to read this kind of story and get entertained by them. Some examples of horror fiction magazines are Black Static, Weird Tales, Something wicked and The Australian Horror and Fiction Magazine.

  • Computer Magazines:

Computer magazine is the type of magazine which covers the topic related to computer. It contains articles about the personal computer, networking, and the internet. It is really helpful for the students of computer science. Some of the magazines contain programming tutorials and advertisements. Some of the examples of computer magazines are PC Magazine, PC World, Computer Shopper, Computer Music, and Your Computer.

  • Business Magazine

Business magazine is the type of magazines that contains articles on business news and business ups and downs. It also covers the topic of the stock exchange and many other business-related topics. Some best examples of business magazines are Harvard Business Review, Pakistan and Gulf Economist, Business Matters, Modern Health Care, and many more such famous magazines.

  • Trade Magazines:

Trade Magazines are the type of magazine that covers the targeted audience such as the people involved in the trade business. It contains trade journals and trade advertisements.

It contains detailed articles on the topic of trade. Some of the best trade magazines are Australian Dairy Food, Game Industry Report Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, Building Design and Construction, Engineering New Record and many more. These magazines provide help to get information about the world of trade.

  • Teen Magazines:

Teen Magazine is the type of magazine which mainly aimed teenage readers. It contains articles that are of the interest of teenage readers. It covers the topics of fashion, entertainment, gossips, cosmetic tips, and other such topics. Some of the examples of Teen Magazines are Bop Magazine, Teen Vogue, Tiger Beat, Girl’s Life, Cosmo girl and many more. These Magazines are liked by Teenage girls.

  • Sunday Magazines:

Sunday magazine is the type of magazine that is added to the Sunday newspapers. It contains articles on various topics and subjects. The content of this magazine is not as new and current as that of the newspaper. It is generally a treat to the people who read the Sunday newspaper.

  • Sports Magazines:

Sports magazine is the type of magazine which can be weekly, biweekly or monthly. It generally contains sports related articles. By reading this type of magazines readers get to know all the information about the sports world. Some examples of sports magazines are Sporting News, USA Today Sports Weekly, World Soccer, Boxing News, Athletics Weekly, and many more such magazines increase the information about sports of the reader.

  • Automobile Magazines:

Automobile magazine is the type of magazine that is related to cars. It contains articles on car news and reports. Some examples of Automobile magazines are Car Craft, Automobile, Wheels Magazines and many more.


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