World’s Best News Magazines

News Magazines:

A news magazine is a type of magazine that covers current affairs or events accruing in the world in the world in more detail as compared to newspapers. It contains articles in detail as compared to other mediums such as newspapers. There are many top magazines of news which covers all the news events happening all around the world. These magazines are read by a large number of audiences to keep themselves updated about the events that have happened or are happening. Examples of news magazines are Time, The New Yorker, News week and India Today.

Best News Magazines:

There are many news magazines which are the source of spreading the news to readers. Some of the best news magazines in the world are:

  • Bloomberg Business Week:

It is an American weekly magazine. The main topic on which this magazine focuses is business news. It was started in 2009. It gives detailed information about events happening in the business world. It follows the happening news in the business world It also gives business advice through its articles. It gives stock exchange news and ups and downs in the business world. This magazine covers all the business events. It is one of the best selling news magazine read by several readers of the country.


  • Time Magazine:

Time is an American weekly magazine. It is a news magazine. It is based in New York. It was started in 1923. The original runner of this magazine was Henry Luce. It consists of the detailed articles on the news which cannot be covered in such detail in the newspaper. It covers every aspect of news in the article. The main editor of this magazine was Edward Felsenthal. It covers all the important news of the week. It also covers all the important topics such as politics, world, health, entertainment, business, and technology.


  • People Magazine:

People Magazine is a weekly magazine. It is the publication of Time Warner. The first copy of People Magazine was issued on the date of 4th March 1974. It is based on human interests. It has a record of having a higher number of readership by people. It is the only magazine with such great number of adult readership of almost 46.6 million till now. It carries all the news about celebrities their lifestyles and much more. It contains an article about the fascination that impresses people. It also covers many issues by its articles these issues are The Best Dresses people, The most beautiful people and many more.


  • The Atlantic:

The Atlantic is an American news magazine. It is a monthly magazine. It has almost 10 issues every year. It provides articles on breaking news, politics, international news, health, education, technology and cultural affairs of the world. It was first published in 1857.  It contains detailed articles on every national and international affairs of the world. It is a best-selling news magazine read by a wide range of public all across the country.


  • India Today:

India today is an English language Indian news magazine. The publication of this news magazine was done by Living Media India Limited. It is a highly read news magazine all across India. Its readership has crossed 8 million. It has also launched an online website called DailyO. It was first published in 1975. It gives all the information in articles about current news, movies, sports, and trending topics. It is one of the best selling news magazines in India.


  • US Weekly:

US Weekly is an American news magazine. It is based in New York City. It was started in 1977. It was published in the New York Times Company. It was started selling in1980. It was then bought by Werner Media in 1986. It contains articles about the news of celebrities, news blogs, and photo gallery of celebrities. And news about premiers and events happening all around the world. The US weekly is liked by the audience and readers.


  • The New Yorker:

The New Yorker is an American magazine. It covers the topics of politics, different social issues, art news, humor, and cultural articles. It also contains critical reviews on different things. It is based in New York City. The first copy of this magazine was issued on the date 21st February 1925. It was a weekly magazine formerly but now it is published 47 times in a year. It represents the culture of New York City in a very good way. It also has a wide audience outside of New York City. It has huge readers all around the country.


  • The Economist:

The Economist is a weekly based magazine. The owner of the weekly magazine is The Economist Group. The founder of the magazine was James Wilson, The editor of this magazine was Zanny Minton Beddoes. It covers the topics of news and economy.


  • China Today:

China Today is a Chinese magazine. This magazine was started in 1952. It is published in Chinese, English, Spanish, French and Arabic language. It is published to promote the culture of China in all around the world. It promotes information about news, economy, culture, geography and social issues of the People’s Republic of China.


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